Jodie Tait with ŠKODA ENYAQ

Miles ŠKODA Manager Jodie Visits ŠKODA HQ

Our General Manager Jodie Tait has just got back from an incredible trip visiting the heart of ŠKODA in Prague, (specifically Mladá Boleslav) where he got to learn more about the history of ŠKODA at the official museum, explore the factory, and head out for an exclusive drive in the all-electric ENYAQ.

Keep reading to learn more about his trip, ŠKODA history, and the brands unique connection to New Zealand.

Inside the Factory

While no photos were allowed inside the factory, Jodie described the factory saying, “Envision a building that’s five rugby fields long, a conveyor belt type system with vehicle body shells moving along slowly, while interior dashboards are being fitted by teams of people one after another.” He was also treated to a look inside the motorsport factory where ŠKODA produces rally cars and performance vehicles.

“What was great to see, and always is, was the amount of people doing this stuff rather than robots everywhere. Mladá Boleslav has a population of approximately 45,000, to which the majority of these people work for ŠKODA. It’s like when you are born here you are going to work for ŠKODA. Your dad, his dad, and his dad has, and so on. The passion and loyalty for the brand is unbelievable, from the entire country to the degree if you are driving another brand you are looked at differently.” – Jodie Tait

ŠKODA rally car

Explore the History of ŠKODA

In the museum, Jodie had the chance to explore ŠKODA’s long and fascinating history.

The company that eventually became the ŠKODA we know and love today started out in the early 1890s manufacturing bicycles. In 1899 they transitioned to motorcycles and eventually by 1905 were producing automobiles. The rest, as they say, is history.

ŠKODA’s cycling history is still evident today, with the brand continuing to support cycling events both internationally and locally, such as the Tour De France and New Zealand School Road Championship. Are you a keen cyclist and love ŠKODA? Be sure to join Team ŠKODA.

ŠKODA Museum
ŠKODA Museum
ŠKODA Museum

ŠKODA’s Unique Tie To New Zealand

On display in the ŠKODA museum was a an original ŠKODA TREKKA. Haven’t heard of a ŠKODA TREKKA before? You’re certainly not the only one.

The pioneering ŠKODA SUV was born in 1966 and manufactured right here in New Zealand (Otahuhu to be specific). Based on what is now the OCTAVIA, core parts were shipped from Mladá Bolesav to New Zealand where they were fitted to a shortened chassis, topped off with a boxier body, and thus the TREKKA was born. From 1966 to 1972, 3,000 were built and to this day the TREKKA remains the only vehicle to be designed and mass produced in New Zealand.

The model was beloved by customers across the world, particularly in New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, and Fiji. A couple of vehicles did make their way back to Europe – including the one pictured below, residing at the museum.

Learn more about the TREKKA>

ŠKODA Trekka
ŠKODA TREKKA made in New Zealand

Taking the ENYAQ Exploring

At the end of his trip Jodie had the pleasure of driving the all-new, all-electric ENYAQ around the surrounding countryside towns of Karlstejn and Morina. This industry-leading all-electric model is due to arrive early next year and we in New Zealand are excited to receive the very first shipment (outside of Europe).

“ŠKODA have invested heavily into a new battery assembly line that was under construction while we were in the battery plant. This shows the investment, and more so, the future vision of the brand. We were lucky to see clay concept vehicles and also prototypes that have been produced.” – Jodie Tait


Register Your Interest in the ENYAQ

The highly anticipated ENYAQ is due to arrive early next year. Be sure to register your interest to be the first to hear any updates.

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