Skoda electric range

Explore Future Škoda Electric Cars

Škoda plans to launch six new electric models by 2026. They provided a glimpse of what these will look like through special car sculptures, which also show the general proportions that the future models will be given.

Škoda will cover a wide range of segments with its upcoming models, to include a compact and large SUV, an estate, and a compact combi.

Read the full press from Škoda and watch the launch of Škoda’s planned electric cars.

Skoda electric range

Modern Solid is our clear design language for the electric model era. The first principles of this language have already been outlined in the Vision 7S study, and its ideas will be developed into production models in a wide range of vehicle categories. Each of these cars will have its own character in line with its focus, while at the same time being clearly identifiable as a Škoda electric car.” 

His team has prepared special car sculptures for presenting the future models, and these give an insight into the direction in which the new innovations are heading. The sculptures have a suggested face in the style of the Modern Solid language, but beyond that they show just the general proportions that the future models will be given.

Skoda Small SUV design concept

A small urban SUV

One small, one compact

As the sculptures show, Škoda will cover a wide range of segments with its upcoming models. One important electric model will be a small SUV about 4.2 metres long that nevertheless offers interior space on par with the larger traditional Scala hatchback. With a likely price tag around €25,000, this car is expected to significantly boost electrification, and not only in the Czech Republic. The new model will be launched in 2025.

In the category above we can look forward to a compact SUV with the working name Elroq. The name itself suggests that it is going to be an electric alternative to the traditional Karoq SUV. The compact SUV segment is one of the most important in Europe and elsewhere, and with an electric model of this class Škoda wants to offer customers a little something extra.

Skoda Elroq Elecrtic

Elroq – electric alternative to the Karoq SUV

Skoda electric design concept

The compact combi offers the space and attributes more usually found in mid-range cars.

An electric estate and an SUV

In 2026, Škoda also wants to roll out an electric car in another extremely important segment, the estate car. About 4.6 metres long, it will become an alternative to the Czech carmaker’s long-standing bestseller, the Octavia. Dimensioned as a compact estate, the car will offer the space and quality of a mid-range car.

Next in the line-up of new electric models will be the modernised Enyaq iV SUV and Enyaq Coupé iV. In 2025 they will get a makeover in the Modern Solid style.

Skoda Electric Range

Models from the Enyaq iV family will also take on the Modern Solid style.

The “electric offensive” should be rounded up in 2026 by a car that, in a way, actually started it: a large electric SUV measuring around 4.9 metres in length, it will be based on the Vision 7S study that unveiled the new design language to the public back in August 2022. One of the best features of the brand’s largest model will be its huge interior space.

Future Škoda Electric Vehicles

Enyaq iV

Watch the launch of Škoda’s planned electric cars – Let’s explore:

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Skoda electric range

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