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Škoda Enyaq Press Reviews

The Enyaq is Škoda’s first fully electric SUV and is a game-changer for city traffic and long hauls alike. The Enyaq boasts a striking Sportline styling, spacious interior, high-quality materials, cutting-edge connectivity, and state-of-the-art driver-assistance systems, combined with a range of up to 544 km*. If you’re after the ultimate family electric SUV, look no further than the Enyaq.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of New Zealand’s top motoring journalists have to say about the Škoda Enyaq. We’ve compiled a few of them below.

Electric Škoda Enyaq 80


“After a week and 500 brisk kilometres in the new Enyaq, we came away wondering what more we could really want in a family EV…”

Škoda Enyaq IV 80 Sportline

Company Vehicle

“Enyaq is one of the rare breeds of ‘drive-it-forever’ feeling vehicles, allowing it to be used daily – where the all-electric capability really comes into its own – and for weekend getaways and longer distance touring applications without any compromise on efficiency, comfort, safety, and handling.”

Enyaq Sportline iV 80

2022 Škoda Enyaq Sportline iV 80


“As European vehicles head down a zero emissions track, Škoda releases its first EV, with more soon to follow”

2023 Škoda Enyaq

Company Vehicle

“There’s a big buzz going on in Škoda’s world – and the all-new, all-electric Škoda Enyaq is just the start of it. The Enyaq is Škoda’s stepping-stone into the Premium market segment, a logical follow on – and continuation of – the brand’s current positioning in both entry and mainstream segments.”

Skoda Enyaq

Should Audi be worried? Škoda Enyaq IV review

EV’s & Beyond

“We get behind the wheel of the new Škoda Enyaq IV. Should this mass-market EV SUV be worrying its luxury cousins?”

Enyaq Sportline

AA Škoda Enyaq Sportline car review


“Welcome to Škoda’s first-ever all-electric SUV, the Enyaq. Based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, the Enyaq delivers a large SUV that has plenty of space for the whole family and their whole kit and kaboodle.”
Skoda Enyaq

Czech This EV Out – 2023 Škoda Enyaq SUV Max Review

Tarmac Life

“Now its here and looking very stylish too. Despite being fashionably late to the BEV party, can the Enyaq make up for lost time by being a thoroughly good electric SUV?”
Enyaq iV 80

2023 Škoda Enyaq EV first drive review


“This is arguably Škoda’s best looking vehicle to date. It has commanding presence with its bluff front and interesting grille”.
Skoda Enyaq

Škoda Enyaq Sportline 80 launch and first drive

Tarmac Life

“The Enyaq is an SUV that’s been created to appeal to ‘contemporary explorers’ and that is reflected in its design, both inside and out.”
Enyaq iV

First drive: Škoda Enyaq iV


“The Enyaq is a unique full-size premium Euro wagon, with a plug, for under a hundred grand. There aren’t too many of those about.”
Enyaq Sportline Max

2023 Skoda Enyaq Sportline Max | Electric Car Review


“We found it to be an extremely refined and well-built SUV. The car’s infotainment system is excellent, with great resolution and ease of use that’s up there with the best of them.”

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