EV Charging Tips: Get the most out of your Enyaq

As electric vehicles like the Enyaq become increasingly popular, understanding the nuances of charging is essential for optimal performance and the longevity of your battery. In this blog, we’ll delve into charging tips that encompass the various facets of charging, from charging types to practical strategies for preserving your battery health – so you can get the most out of your Enyaq.

AC/DC charging

When it comes to charging types, there are two different forms of charging an electric vehicle: direct current (DC) charging and alternating current (AC) charging.

AC charging takes longer than DC charging, so it’s ideal to connect to an AC charger overnight or while you’re at work. On the other hand, fast and ultra-fast DC charging is great for when you’re on the road and need to recharge in less than 30 minutes.

Find out more about AC and DC charging on our Škoda charging guide.

Charge overnight

Using AC charging to charge your electric vehicle overnight during off-peak hours can benefit your battery’s health (and your wallet too!). It helps to extend battery life and reduce overall charging costs.

It’s good to establish a consistent overnight charging routine to ensure your Enyaq is fully charged each morning. It can also contribute to grid stability, promote environmental sustainability, and enhance the long-term sustainability of your electric vehicle ownership experience.

Charge to 80%

For optimal battery health, it’s recommended that you limit charging to 80% of the battery’s capacity. Charging your battery to its full 100% capacity is best done when you go on long-distance trips and when you need an extended range, but it is unnecessary for ideal day-to-day use.

When you do charge to 100% full capacity, try to avoid leaving the car stationary for long periods of time. This can minimise the load on the battery and help prolong its lifespan.

Maximise your range 

There are various ways to maximise your range. The distance you cover and the frequency of charging can be influenced by your driving style, outdoor temperature, and the weight you carry in your car (in the boot space and passengers). Learn how to maximise your Enyaq’s electric range on this page.

Enyaq charging at home

Avoid a flat battery

You can preserve your electric vehicle’s battery life by avoiding a flat battery and keeping the charge at 20%. This practice can significantly contribute to prolonging the overall health and efficiency of your EV’s battery.

Heat up your seats and steering wheel

Keep warm and save energy on winter days by choosing seat and steering wheel heating. This uses less energy than cabin heating, which helps reduce battery consumption.

Preserve battery with smooth driving

By maintaining a steady speed, allowing sufficient time for gradual deceleration, and avoiding rapid acceleration and braking, you can maximise your battery’s potential and ensure that you get the most mileage out of each charge.

In the evolving landscape of electric mobility, adopting these tips and incorporating them into your daily routine is integral to reaping the full benefits of electric vehicle ownership. Whether it’s leveraging overnight charging for cost savings and battery health, employing the MyŠkoda Mobile app for remote control and planning, or practicing smooth driving techniques to preserve battery life, these tips contribute not only to the immediate efficiency of your vehicle but also to its long-term sustainability.

If you’d like more information on electric vehicle charging, visit our Škoda charging guide or get in touch with our friendly team.

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