Simply Clever: Škoda Karoq VarioFlex Seats

The Škoda Karoq is classed as a compact SUV however, it’s clever design allows it to transform into a spacious SUV with multiple seating and capacity variations. The VarioFlex seating is currently exclusive to the Karoq and depending on the driver’s preferences, can be adjusted to have up to 1810 litres of boot room with foldable and removable rear seats.

Škoda’s philosophy is ‘Live Smarter.’ Their engineers design vehicle solutions to make life easier. Whether you’re doing a spot of regular shopping or going on a big family adventure, you’ll always be able and prepared. The VarioFlex seat system is uncomplicated but is versatile and enables the Karoq to go the extra mile.

Skoda Karoq seats folding, view from behind thorugh boot

The VarioFlex rear seats system consists of three separate seats that can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, folded down and then brought up, or completely taken out of the car. Each seat can be individually adjusted to any setting, allowing for a multitude of configurations tailored to your needs.

The Karoq has one of the largest boot spaces in its class. Equipped with standard seats, the vehicle boasts 521 litres of luggage space with the rear seats in their upright position, expanding impressively to 1630 litres when the seats are folded down. For those seeking maximum load capacity, the range extends to 1810 litres when the rear seat are removed.

Along with the storage and seat arrangement flexibility, Škoda has covered all bases by including further practical features in the boot.

Skoda Karoq false boot floor
Variable false boot floor

The adjustable false floor allows you to divide the boot into two different positions. By pulling out the loading floor, it creates two convenient storage spaces.

Skoda Karoq cargo elements
Cargo Elements

Items can be secured in the boot using cargo fasteners, preventing luggage such as bags or boxes sliding around. The cargo fasteners are removable and foldable, making them easy to store under the boot floor.

Skoda Karoq net system
Net system

Comprised of meshing, hooks and shelves, the net system prevents smaller items moving around. Plus, you can clearly see where you have put everything.

Double-sided boot liner

Each side is a different material. One side has a easily washable surface made of rubber while the other side is made of carpet. The liner can simply be flipped to suit your load.

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