Discover ŠKODA Simply Clever Features

Life as we know it can get crazy sometimes and we often find ourselves looking for solutions that offer us the most convenience. That’s why, as an official ŠKODA dealer in Christchurch, we are passionate about ŠKODA’s Simply Clever features – making life easier for you by providing solutions for everyday life situations.

Whether you need extra assistance opening the car tailgate when you have your hands full, or keeping things tidy and organized, ŠKODA’s Simply Clever features have you covered. From small items like your mobile phone, keys, or coins, to bigger items like bags, sports gear, luggage, and more, you can be rest assured your items are safe and secured when you’re on the road. All while offering you, and your passengers, a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

They don’t call it ‘simply clever’ for nothing. Discover what’s concealed behind ŠKODA’s legendary tagline. Keep reading as we highlight a few favourites of Simply Clever Features.


Designed to make life easier, these features provide you with convenience, safety, and up-to-date technology.

Electric tailgate

For those who are always on the go, you’ll love the convenience the optional electric tailgate offers as it allows you to open and close the tailgate at the push of a button. This feature is especially convenient for when you have your hands full and prefer not to put items on the ground when opening the tailgate. Furthermore, the integrated Tip-To-Close function allows easier use of the large boot by lightly pulling on the opened tailgate.

Electric Tailgate

Virtual pedal

Baby car seat on one hand, and groceries on the other? Family life can have your hands full most of the time. Thanks to SKODA’s virtual pedal, you can automatically pop open the boot by simply moving your foot close to the sensor on the lower part of the rear bumper. This may not fix all your problems, but it definitely makes life a little easier.

Virtual pedal
Door-edge protection

Windy days can catch you off-guard sometimes, and when it happens ŠKODA’s Simply Clever and considerate door edge protection feature shifts into action preventing minor dings and scratches on your car and the vehicle next to you with this spring-loaded, automatically deploying, plastic protector. If only every car had one of these.

Door Edge Protector

Front Seats

Sophisticated accessories that are designed to enhance comfort, practicality, and safety.

Multimedia holder

Nothing is worse than your valuables falling through the side cracks of the seats and having to dig through to get them. This multimedia holder will keep important things like your smartphone, coins, or keys within reach and sight, without sliding around no matter how rough your journeys get.

Umbrella compartment

With weather uncertainties, it’s always good to be prepared. ŠKODA incorporates a compartment into either the front doors or under the front passenger seat to store an umbrella. They are water-resistant, and damp umbrellas can be stored so you don’t have to worry about leaking any moisture into the vehicle. This simple clever feature is often overlooked, but one you’ll thank us on those unexpected rainy days.


Ticket holder on the A-pillar

It’s always the smallest things that are easy to lose. Take car tickets for example. ŠKODA’s Simply Clever ticket holder lets you clip tickets neatly to the side of the windscreen within easy reach of the driver. Not only that, this Simply Clever feature keeps your tickets easily visible, and prevents your tickets from blowing away when you open the door, helping you avoid unfortunate mishaps.


Rear Seats

ŠKODA’s Simply Clever Features don’t stop in the front seats, the rear seats get almost the same number of Simply Clever gadgets that contribute to a comfortable ride and easy transportation of cargo, while making travel more enjoyable for the kids (and adults!).

Folding tray tables 

For longer car journeys you’ll appreciate clever solutions, such as the folding tray table. Get the full travel experience with this Simply Clever gadget – it provides the perfect space for your food, a cup of coffee, or a book.


Sleep package

For the sleepyhead passengers, this Simply Clever feature is for you! Fit your ŠKODA with a sleep package. Featuring head restraints with adjustable sides that allow passengers to relax during long road trips without getting sore a neck. Bonus, this package includes a snug blanket.


Rear backrest (foldable from the boot)

Need extra boot space? A single move is all it takes to gain full cargo capacity with the button-operated folding rear backrests from the boot. Perfect for sports gear and unexpected loads.

Rear backrest foldable


Make the most of your boot with ŠKODA’s Simply Clever boot features. There are many features you can choose from such as hooks, nets, shelves, and organisers, ensuring your items are safe and secured while you’re on the road.

Bag hooks in the boot

Prevent your bags from sliding around with these trusty hooks. Designed to hang items or baggage which would either be unstable or would sit well on the boot floor. Even through sharp turns, you can rest assured your items will be well looked after.

bag hooks

Cargo fasteners

Secure bigger items in the boot with cargo fasteners. Simply slide your luggage or shopping bags between movable fasteners that prevent them from sliding around.


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