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MyŠkoda Mobile App

With MyŠkoda you have your vehicle always under control. Access all necessary features of your vehicle from anywhere and anytime using your smartphone. The MyŠkoda application also supports connecting your vehicle via the SmartLink+ interface and other digital services, such as vehicle manuals or market specific features.



Helps you to view useful driving data directly on your infotainment display. Simply connect your mobile phone with your vehicle, and you can very easily for example:

  • Display current driving data during your trip. Here you can also find information about the amount of remaining fuel, your total distance covered, and the days remaining until your service inspection.
  • Launch the logbook and easily record the course of your journey in detail, store information on the type of journey, its route, date, length, stops, and your maximum speed and RPM. You can also add pictures from your trips, like a photographed fuelling receipt or other useful photos.
  • Show current data on the engine performance or ride efficiency during your journey.
  • Check any defects announced by the vehicle system.
  • Display the contact info for your service partner, and their opening hours.
  • Easily create a vehicle service request and email it to a Škoda service partner of your choice.
  • Browse your vehicle’s online manual, so you’ll have all the most useful information right at hand.

*Features vary depending on model and may not be available on your specific vehicle.


Install the MyŠkoda app and become a part of our digital world!

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