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Good News for Those Interested in the Škoda Enyaq

Please note: The Clean Car Discount (CCD) ended on 31 December 2023. You can no longer apply for a rebate.

We recently received some good news regarding an earlier arrival of our shipment of Škoda Enyaq vehicles. This brings with it new confidence in being able to claim the current $7,015 rebate before any potential changes to this programme. 

Needing to act soon, Sales Manager Chris Willetts and I, Marketing Manager Mark Lincoln, emailed our customers with the good news. This created a flurry of responses from those keen in securing an Enyaq. 

With that early notice sent, we’re now sharing this news with the wider public. We’d love to secure as many Enyaq electric vehicles for our region as we can. 

Read more below, or request an Info Pack with more details and secure your place in the queue! 

Please note: pricing is correct as of 18 September 2023, at time of publishing this news article, but is subject to change. View more on the Enyaq or speak to our team for updates.

Škoda Enyaq


I hope you’re well. Mark and I are contacting you today on behalf of Miles Škoda as we have good news regarding an earlier-than-expected shipment of Škoda Enyaq vehicles.

The Enyaq story has been a unique one for us. Make yourself a tea or coffee and read on…

3 March 2023: The Price

The Enyaq is our first fully electric SUV (well, in modern times!) and was initially launched with a price-point from $92,990 plus on-road costs. The pricier end of the Škoda range, but those who read the specsheet and saw the vehicle on its launch tour soon learnt that this was a premium vehicle.

Having said that, this placed the entry-model above the government’s $80,000 Clean Car Rebate threshold.

But then…

7 June 2023: The Limited Launch Price

On arriving to work, we opened an email that completely changed the game for the Enyaq’s launch. The executive team at Škoda New Zealand announced – after long but successful negotiations with Škoda’s global office – a new, limited run only, price for the Enyaq range.

A Launch Edition Enyaq Sportline 80 would now be priced at $79,990 drive away, with the Sportline Max 80 now $84,990 drive away, and Coupé Sportline Max at $89,990 driveaway.

With this news, the Enyaq Sportline 80 would now qualify for the full $7,015 Clean Car rebate, meaning that the effective price of an Enyaq had dropped from $92,990 plus on-road costs to an incredible $72,975 after the rebate.

That’s an unprecedented drop of over $20,000! We very excitedly announced this to our customers and the enquiry started rolling in. 

But then

23 August 2023: National Confirms Plan to Cancel Clean Car Rebate

While pledging to roll out 10,000 new charging stations, National announced that they would end the Clean Car Program by 31 December 2023 if they came into power.

This is a concern for us and our Enyaq buyers as our customer-ordered vehicles weren’t expected to arrive until 2024. As the rebate can only be applied by the customer on registering the vehicle for the first time, this would mean they no longer receive a rebate.

But then…!

15 September 2023: Enyaq Due to Arrive Early!

This brings us to this week. The awesome team at Škoda New Zealand have worked their magic again, with news that a shipment of Škoda Enyaqs will now be arriving as early as 28 October 2023.

If we can get these into our customers’ hands, they can claim the full $7,015 rebate while it’s still available before a potential change of government.

These vehicles aren’t ‘pre-allocated’ to each Škoda dealership in the country. We’d love to be able to secure as many Enyaqs for our own customers as possible before 31 Dec 2023.

So – to the crux of this message – if you’re interested in securing an Enyaq before the end of the year, with higher confidence that you’d be able to claim $7,015 back in the rebate (depending on whether the government does actually change) AND noting that this vehicle was originally priced from $92,990 +ORC, then now is very much the time to act.

Be aware that Škoda dealers around the country have this news at the same time as us and all are calling their customers today to secure stock!

Whether you’d like:

  • the Enyaq Sportline 80 at $79,990 driveaway with $7,015 rebate taking your price to $72,975,
  • the Max Sportline 80 at $84,990 driveaway
  • the Coupé Sportline Max 80 at $89,990 driveaway

… please do get in touch or call our team on03 353 6244.

We can also send you our info pack, which includes:

  • the Enyaq range specsheet
  • Enyaq brochure
  • Enyaq Buyer’s Guide
  • info on vehicle charging

We look forward to hearing from you.

Christopher Willetts, ŠKODA Brand Manager

Christopher Willetts
Sales Manager

Mark Lincoln

Mark Lincoln
Miles Group Marketing Manager

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