ŠKODA SUPERB iV plug-in electric vehicle charging in a garage.

The ŠKODA SUPERB iV Has Landed in New Zealand

ŠKODA’s very first hybrid vehicle has hit New Zealand’s shores – the ŠKODA SUPERB iV. This PHEV vehicle features 160kW of power, an impressive kilometre range, and plenty of bootspace. With the choice between classic liftback or practical wagon models, you can find the right electrified vehicle for you.


The ŠKODA SUPERB iV offers a 1.4 TSI engine with an electric drive. ŠKODA’s first plug-in further unites this innovative hybrid technology with simply clever features, comfort, and the beloved spaciousness of a SUPERB. An already popular vehicle, the SUPERB felt like a natural selection for our first hybrid offering.

ŠKODA SUPERB iV parked on street, charging at a plug-in charge.
ŠKODA SUPERB iV charge plug-in up close.

All the Power

The 1.4L engine has 115kW of electric power, while the electric motor generates 85kW. Together, a full 160kW of power is produced, and the electric engine can be powered alone for approximately 62km. Ideal for city driving, the ŠKODA SUPERB offers an inexpensive, green alternative to a daily driver. When plugged into a conventional electric grid at home, it takes a flat SUPERB battery five hours to charge, and only 3.5 hours when plugged into a wall box or charging station.


The default Hybrid mode is transitioned automatically when the electric portion runs out of power. All the settings can be controlled through the infotainment system and an overview of your battery’s life, navigation, and more can be seen through the Virtual Cockpit on the dash.

With Area View, you’ll drive and park with confidence knowing you have four cameras sensing the space around your entire vehicle. A real-time picture is transmitted to your infotainment system so you’re able to react quickly to whatever comes your way.

The SUPERB also provides increased energy recovery functionality during engine braking, allowing the battery to recharge as you break. This gives you more kilometres without even charging.

ŠKODA SUPERB wagon driving on a highway towards windmills.

Ready to drive with lower emissions, but the same comfort you’re used to in a ŠKODA? Get in touch with a Product Specialist to book a test drive of the ŠKODA SUPERB iV.

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