The new Škoda Octavia

Get ready, get excited, and be prepared to jump in and drive because the new Škoda Octavia is on its way to New Zealand this year. Keeping with the essence of Škoda, the new Octavia has been upgraded unobtrusively, with the Škoda team having subtly rejuvenated it, bringing new life to the beloved model.

With the lightest of touches, the designers have refreshed the front exterior, enlivening the headlights, which now physically and graphically hug the radiator grille more closely. The new and improved grille now has more upright slats, giving a streamlined and polished finish.

The new Octavia brings in new elements from the Škoda Superb, amping them up to be a bit sportier. A design philosophy of the Škoda designers is that the smaller the model, the more dynamic its design can be. This fits perfectly in line, as the updated version is also offered in an RS variant.

Sustainability Forward

Škoda has always been on the cutting edge as a company in the realm of sustainability, this has, of course, followed through with the new Octavia model. Drivers can now look forward to more sustainable materials, such as genuine leather interiors that would’ve otherwise ended up as landfill waste and olive tree leaves being used to naturally colour and tan the leather.

Tech Savvy

A tech genius always, the new Octavia is filled with advancements that are just waiting to be geeked out over. The model comes with the option of improved LED Matrix technology, with 36 segments instead of 24, and new features that allow the vehicle’s fog lamps to be taken out of the bumper. In this version, the headlights also use the modern crystallinium light element.

Inside, a 10-inch on-board infotainment display is now standard, with an optional 13-inch upgrade. Included features are also dual-zone automatic climate control, more powerful charging of connected devices via USB-C, and an improved Kessy keyless lock system.

Inside the new Skoda Octavia eco leather seats
New Skoda Octavia inside infotainment system
Birds eye view of the new Skoda Octavia with eco leather seats
new Skoda Octavia backseat pouches made of eco leather
Inside the new Skoda Octavia front accessories
Multi cup holder in the new Skoda Octavia with eco leather.

Safety at the heart

With safety running deeply through Skoda’s core, it’s no surprise that the upgraded Octavia features new intelligent Park Assist and Remote Park Assist. As well as making parking easier, safety during a long journey has been enhanced by a new system for assessing driver fatigue.

Powerful engines

The new Octavia can have one of five power units. The basic option is the 85kW 1.5 TSI engine, which is coupled with a six-speed manual or seven-speed DSG automatic transmission. There’s also a 110kW version of this power unit, and the version with DSG transmission is mild-hybrid.

If you’re already itching for more power, don’t fret. Higher up the range there are two-litre engines available that pack a punch. For the all-wheel-drive version, the 2.0 TSI engine with 150kW and automatic transmission will be available, while the top RS with DSG transmission delivers 195kW. Two 2.0 TDI diesel engines are also available: the 85kW variant has a six-speed manual gearbox and the 110kW version has a seven-speed DSG.

New Skoda Octavia silver grey back view.

A Škoda for everyone

The new Octavia will be available in a classic, a high-performance RS, and combi version.

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