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  • Škoda Vehicle Protection

Vehicle Protection

Our range of vehicle protection products, including the Dura-deal Protection range and the impressive 3M Vehicle Protection makes cleaning and maintenance easier for you to protect your investment, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Dura-Seal Protection

Find out more about Dura-Seal Vehicle Protection.

Dura-Seal Paint Protection$699
Dura-Seal Fabric Protection$699
Dura-Seal Leather Protection$799
Dura-Seal Interior and Exterior Package$999

3M Vehicle Protection

Protect your investment.

3M Bonnet Protector (300mm)$399
3M Rear Sill Guard$299
3M Door Cup Protection$299
3M Door Sills Protector$399

Vehicle Protection packages

Urban Protection (bonnet 300mmm, fenders, door cups, boot lip)$999
Rural Protection (bonnet 400mmm, front bumper, fenders, door cups, boot lip)$1,599
Extreme Protection (full bonnet, front bumper, fenders, door cups, boot lip)$1,999

Window tinting

Protection from UV and heat.

Front Windows$299
Whole Vehicle from$699

Plate upgrades

Euro Style Plates fromfrom $299
Personalised Plates fromfrom $699

Extended warranties

Click here to see our warranty pricing.

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Visit the showroom to view a range of these products that we have on display, and speak to our Business Manager over a coffee and ask for a demonstration of Dura-Seal so that you can see it in action.