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Whether you’re a business manager looking for a vehicle for yourself or your team, or you’re just about to start a new job and the boss has given you a company vehicle allowance, we’d love to catch up and hepl you see why ŠKODA vehicles make the best company cars.

“The latest J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study ranks Skoda as the most dependable brand in the UK.”

Benefits to your Company

Thanks to their low total cost of ownership, impressive-yet-discreet design, impressive safety technology, comfortable driving, and (not to mention) an extensive list of ‘Car of the Year’ awards, the ŠKODA vehicle range makes for an excellent choice for your company’s fleet.

ŠKODA cars offer the same modern features as many other European vehicles but without the stigma. They represent quality and class while remaining trendy and unassuming, and in doing so add huge value to any brand, whether small business or huge corporate.

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Competitve fuel economy
  • Environmentally focused
  • Impressive residual values
  • High dependability rankings
  • 5-year factory warranty
  • Clean corporate design and image

Benefits to your Family

You may spend a lot of your day sitting in your vehicle; your mobile office, and you get through thousands of kilometres a year on New Zealand’s roads. On top of that, most of us don’t just use our company cars for the daily commute and business driving purposes, we swap our car seats out on the weekend and take the kids to the beach, pick up the in-laws from the airport, drive out to the hills in search of adventure, and so much more.

As award-winning vehicles, ŠKODA provide outstanding driver and passenger comfort, heaps of space, advanced safety, and a number of ‘Simply Clever’ practical features that make these vehicles so incredibly satisfying to live with.

  • Outstanding driver and passenger comfort
  • Smooth and comfortable performance
  • Impressive interior space for passengers and luggage
  • Sharp style and head-turning design
  • Advanced driver assistance technology
  • Simply Clever practical features

But no one drives ŠKODA, right?

Very wrong! ŠKODA vehicles are amazingly popular company cars thanks to their all-round capability… and so much more.

They’re very common amongst emergency services in Europe, and in 2021 New Zealand joined the party with the NZ Police signing-up to a partnership that begins with 2,000 front-line police vehicles for New Zealand’s roads. And this was after extensive testing that saw other more ‘mainstream’ brands fall short.

Other organisations that care and understand driving more than most include companies like Corporate Cabs that also have a partnership in place with ŠKODA New Zealand. Corporate Cabs’ ŠKODA Superbs run efficiently, drive smoothly, and have substantial space for rear passengers and their luggage.

“The two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models of the Skoda Superb placed first and second out of the 27 vehicles evaluated by police … The Czech vehicles were chosen for their performance, safety, useability and low-emission standards with the two-wheel-drive vehicle being 30 per cent more fuel efficient than the Holden Commodores.”

“With 200 cars in our fleet, we needed a model that’s safe, reliable, and delivered in a cost effective package. The Octavia delivers on all three.”

NZ Police Car - ŠKODA Superb

Finance & Lease Options

We have a wealth of finance and leasing options avaliable to us, through the far reach of the Miles Group and its providers, and through the Volkswagen Audi Group itself, with access to the powerful and supportive European Financial Services arm of the EMD Group.

Speak to our experienced team about your needs and we’ll discuss an option to suit you and your business.

Meet Our Vehicles Team

Our team are at your service. Well experienced, highly reviewed, and with the support of ŠKODA New Zealand and the Miles Group behind them. They’re available to answer all your questions, no matter how big or how small, and are very helpful when it comes to checking stock levels in New Zealand, current pricing and offers, and more.

Our vehicle training courses include overviews of close competitor models, so they’re even very well placed when it comes to explaining the pros and cons of our range versus our competitors’.

Christopher Willetts, ŠKODA Brand Manager

Christopher Willetts

Sales Manager

Our Sales Manager, with years of service within the Miles Group both here at Miles ŠKODA and previously at Miles Continental Volkswagen.

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MIles ŠKODA Business Manager, Kerry Smith's headshot.

Kerry Smith

Business Manager

Our Business Manager Kerry is here to help you with all your ŠKODA finance questions. With a friendly attitude and helpful nature, you’ll find Kerry a pleasure to deal with.

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