• Dura Seal

Dura-seal Protection

Dura-Seal has been offering protection products to the New Zealand automotive industry since 1987 and remains the premium supplier of protection systems to date. This, along with their high-quality product and excellent results, is the reason that Škoda is happy to provide their system as an added option for those purchasing our quality vehicles.

Only the latest technology and resins are used in the production of Dura-Seal Ceramic Paint, Leather and Fabric protection products. All Dura-Seal protection products are manufactured in New Zealand and provide a surpassed level of automotive protection and follow the vehicle manufacturer’s exterior and interior care guidelines.

Dura-Seal Paint Protection

An invisible barrier between the paintwork and the elements, Dura-Seal Ceramic Paint Protection forms a durable, scratch-reducing finish which bonds (polymerises) permanently to your vehicle’s clear coat.

  • Protects your paintwork from the elements.
  • Saves you time by making your vehicle easy to wash.
  • Never wax or polish your car again.
  • Environmentally friendly, no harsh washing products required.
  • Provides an invisible & durable high gloss finish that will remain after wash.
  • Preserves appearance and increases resale value.
  • Guaranteed for a lifetime of ownership.