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Miles Škoda prides itself on providing you the best service, just like Škoda prides itself in producing only the highest quality parts for your vehicle.

Whilst a genuine Škoda part and a replica aftermarket part may look identical, you simply cannot compare the quality or performance between the two. Genuine parts are made for your vehicle, by the same factory that built your vehicle, under the strictest quality standards. Genuine parts are built specifically with that particular vehicle’s specifications in mind, ensuring that your Škoda performs and protects you as designed.

All of our parts come with the assurance of expert advice, full manufacturer warranty and support, and competitive pricing, with most items able to be sourced and delivered overnight through our extensive nationwide parts network.

Read on to find out more about specific parts, and if you have any questions please get in touch with our team.

SKODA Genuine DPF Filter

Diesel Particulate Filters

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a technically sophisticated piece of equipment that is highly efficient at removing soot. It is a key component to lessening the environmental impact of modern diesel-engined vehicles.

SKODA Genuine Body Parts

Body Parts

Škoda genuine body parts are a lot more robust than aftermarket parts, and have an anti-corrosion coating that is up to three times thicker, extending their resilience, and maximising their life. The precision fit with other components guarantees that you are not negatively impacting any part of your vehicle’s safety system. It also helps in the back-pocket, keeping repair costs down as there is no need to make any changes prior to painting and installation.

SKODA Genuine Brakes


With each Škoda genuine brake pad and disc the brake lining material has been meticulously selected, and the finest manufacturing technology has been used. Careful and thorough testing is undertaken to ensure there is minimum impact to the vehicle in an accident, and more importantly, to the occupants of the vehicle.

SKODA Genuine Shock Absorber

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers significantly impact the effect on handling, braking distance, tyre wear, and stress on the body and chassis components of your vehicle. The design and high-quality of Škoda genuine shock absorbers contribute considerably to your car’s excellent handling, whatever the weather.

Skoda wheel alignment in workshop

Wheel Alignments and Tyres

If your wheels are not aligned properly, the tyres will wear unevenly. This is why we offer to check your car’s axle geometry and adjust it if necessary. We carry out work precisely according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and in doing so we use manufacturer-approved modern equipment. We are also able to supply and fit tyres for your vehicle.

SKODA Genuine Filter


If you neglect filter maintenance, fail to replace them on time, or use unapproved types, your engine’s performance will suffer. The use, and regular replacement of Škoda genuine filters is your guarantee of excellent performance, reliability, and a long service life.

See a comparison below of using a genuine Škoda oil filter and a competitor oil filter.

Skoda Genuine Oil

Škoda Approved Oils

We recommend using a Škoda approved oil to ensure your engine will achieve maximum output with low fuel consumption. As an authorised Škoda agent, we will always use approved oil while servicing your vehicle.

If you have any questions about what oil to use, get in touch with our Service team and they will be able to advise the best option for your vehicle.

SKODA Genuine Batteries


Škoda genuine batteries are heavier than comparable rival batteries, meaning they have more capacity and therefore deliver longer-lasting stable energy output in all situations. If you’ve ever had a flat battery after not using your vehicle for a period of time during winter, you will really appreciate how good a genuine Škoda battery is.

Rival batteries usually require regular inspection and maintenance to maximise their life, however all Škoda genuine batteries are now commonly maintenance-free.



AdBlue® is an environmentally friendly synthetic solution that consists of highly pure urea (32.5%) and demineralised water (67.5%). It helps selected Škoda models with diesel engines comply with stringent environmental standards.

The consumption depends on the driving style, the system’s operating temperature, and weather conditions. The tank level electronically monitored and you will get a refill warning on the dashboard should it be low. If you are seeing this warning, please get in touch with our Service team, or drop by when you’re next in town.

Škoda Exchange Parts

Škoda Exchange Parts are factory re-manufactured parts. In the re-manufacturing process, the parts are completely taken apart, cleaned, measured, and inspected, and the individual components of each part are re-manufactured or replaced with brand new ones. The extensive re-use of returned parts means that the environment suffers much less of a burden in terms of waste. In addition, there is no wastage of energy and production capacity.

There are a range of parts that offer exchange alternatives while still retaining the same Škoda Parts warranties. Ask us about them to learn more.

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Information you may need to know:

Please note that – while care is taken to ensure all details on this page are correct – specifications, pricing and offers often change and information here may no longer be accurate. Images may also include overseas specification and/or optional accessories not included in the price. Our Sales Specialists are able to check and confirm up-to-date information on request. If you notice information that may be inaccurate, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thank you.