Skoda Octavia RS

Škoda SportLine vs Monte Carlo vs RS Explained

Last year we explained the difference between vRS and RS. This year we thought we’d explain a little more about Škoda’s sports badges of SportLine, Monte Carlo, and RS and how they differ. You can also view these, along with current vehicles from the range, in our sports car comparison.

What is Škoda SportLine?

SportLine models – correctly written as one word and with a capital S and L – tend to take their next closest variant in a model’s line-up and add enhancements that give the vehicle a sportier and more agressive look. These upgrades can also include features that enhance handling and performance, although this varies by model.

Models available in New Zealand include the Karoq SportLine, Kodiaq SportLine, and Superb SportLine.

Skoda SportLine Badge

What is Škoda Monte Carlo?

The Monte Carlo badge represents Škoda’s 85 years of success at the Monte Carlo Rally. Today, Škoda Monte Carlo stands for tradition, motor racing, and lifestyle, with the badge paying homage to Škoda’s motorsport history.

Models available in New Zealand include the Kamiq Monte Carlo and the Fabia Monte Carlo.

Skoda Monte Carlo Badge

What is Škoda RS?

Labeled as vRS in some other countries, an RS badge represents both sports styling and sports performance, with RS variants boasting more powerful engines and more refined tuning than other variants in the same model range.

Example RS models include the Octavia RS and the Kodiaq RS.

Skoda RS Badge

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